TG History

Victor Rosario and Kristen Caroddo were high school sweet hearts who met at South Miami Senior High School.

Victor was a former elite gymnast who tried out and made the schools cheerleading team and soon convinced a group of his closest friends, including his then ballerina girl friend Kristen, to all get on board. With their athletic and artistic backgrounds combined with a strong work ethic it was only a matter of time before the couple began to excel and rise to the top of what they thought was just going to be a hobby.

When sidelines and pep rallies could no longer contain the high flying stunts and crowd alluring flips the group set their sights to what some would consider South Florida's first All Star team, the Jr Orange Bowl, where they took front and center at parades, half times and appearances all throughout Miami. Upon graduating high school the tight knit group all attended Miami Dade College together where they all cheered but most importantly where Victor had a vision. He wanted to begin his own strictly competitive team that was based on athleticism and creativity and not particularly bound to one institution of education...He wanted his own competitive All Star program.

With Kristen at his side and his best friends behind him Victor recruited and trained 20 athletes and utilized two different park fields as his base of operations. Upon his first year at NCA College camp Victor won 3 of the camps coveted specialty awards: Top Gun Stunter, Top Gun Tumbler & Top Gun Jumper. Being one of the first to ever do so the name and notoriety stuck with him and thus Top Gun was born.

Having practiced countless hours in the park and fundraising all throughout Miami Top Gun's inaugural squad was all set to attend the prestigious NCA All Star Nationals in Dallas Tx. Except for one small hiccup...this being Victor and Kristen's first time at the helm of a project like this they'd forgotten to order uniforms. Thankfully their college coach at Miami Dade came to the rescue and let them borrow their college uniforms the only exceptions being that they would have to drop their current colors which were red and black and adopt the schools then colors and mascot...the gold and black jaguars.

The group of friends from South Miami High went on to compete and gain national attention both as Miami Dade and Top Gun and while pursuing their Bachelors degrees even went on to cheer and coach at Florida International University where they obtained Florida's only Grand National Champion title at NCA College Nationals. As Top Gun's popularity began to skyrocket it was clear to Victor and Kristen that they were no longer dealing with a hobby but with something significantly larger that would need much more time and nurturing to succeed. Kristen put aside her dance scholarship at New World College and turned her focus to business while Victor immersed himself in the various techniques and variables it would take to make Top Gun a success.

Park space became warehouses, best friends became coaches and high school sweethearts became husband and wife. Kristen's extensive background in dance allowed for the creation of a successful dance program within Top Gun training and competing dancers in Jazz and Hip Hop and taking top accolades at many prestigious national competitions. Throughout the late 90's and early 2000's Top Gun went through exponential growth as the program that "dared to be different." Stepping up as trendsetters and pioneers in both choreography and fashion the "Top Gun Style" became heavily sought after and often imitated. Perhaps the most comforting to those within Top Gun's care was that amidst the allure of the glitz and glamour the program always sought to put familial values at the core of their foundation and placed and emphasis on athlete safety ("perfection before progression").

Interesting Top Gun facts

The first Kick double basket ever taught and performed was by Jessica Perez a member of Top Gun's junior team and created and taught by Victor Rosario.

Every member of Top Gun Miami's all star staff was coached by either Victor or Kristen at some period of time before they were chosen as staff.

In 2002 Top Gun sought to expand their teachings and quality of cheer to South West FL taking over the former program Naples Elite and installing Victor and Kristen's long time best friend, John Bencomo (South Miami Cheer, Miami Dade Cheer, FIU Cheer, University of Kentucky Cheer), as owner.

Top Gun was deemed so influential that a cheerleading event production company backed by the Australian goverment funded a team of 20 to travel to the country to perform and lead workshops on proper progression and skill advancement.

In 2014 Victor and Kristen brought the Top Gun influence to Orlando making Top Gun the largest program in Florida.