Current Teams/Levels

Through the course of our 25-year run we are proud to say that we have at one point or another coached and competed teams at every level of all star cheer and dance.

Our dance program has been nationally ranked and world renowned in pom, jazz, variety and hip-hop while our cheer program is one of the few in the country to offer all 6 levels of training (as outlined by our governing body the USASF).

Below is a complete list of teams/divisions we will be offering for the 2018-2019 season:

Tiny Prep

Coach Mojo


Tiny Level 1 (The "Squirts")

Coaches: Junior & Gabi


Mini Level 1 (The "BB's")

Coaches: Matt, Junior & Demi


Junior Level 1 ("JWON")

Coaches: Adrian, Mojo, T-Shap


Senior Prep

Coaches: Tre & Cayne


Junior Level 2

Coaches: Mojo & Junior


Youth Level 3

Coaches: Elias, Jordan & Jodi


Junior Level 3

Coaches: Matt, Jose & T-Shap


Senior Coed Level 3

Coaches: Elias & Domingo


Junior Level 4

Coaches: Janessa & Carlos


Senior Coed Level 4

Coaches: Cory, Elias & T-Shap


Open Coed Level 4

Coaches: Cory & TBA


Junior Coed Level 5

Coaches: Greg, Elias & Demi


Senior Coed Restricted Level 5 ("Yoso")

Coaches: Matt, Mojo & Tre


International Small Coed Level 5 (Sci-5)

Coaches: Adrian & Ashley


Medium Senior Level 5 ( The "Lady Jags")

Coaches: Greg & Jordan


Large Senior Coed Level 5 ("TGLC")

Coaches: Victor, Kristen & Carlos


International Open Coed Level 5 ("OO5")

Coaches: Jose, Carlos & Victor


International Open Coed Hip Hop

Coaches: Matt & Ashley