We refer to our team selection process as "evaluations" instead of "tryouts" because we make it a point not to turn away any senior age and below athletes who have the passion, drive and resources to commit to our program.


This years evaluations and team placements were held May 11-16th but LATE EVALUATIONS are available.

Space is limited but TEAM PLACEMENTS are subject to availability and on a case by case scenario. 


Step 1) Click HERE to register for our 2020-2021 Evaluations.


Step 2) Click HERE to access our Team Member Packet which includes:


  • Registration and Release Form
  • Athlete Evaluation Forms
  • Yearly Financial Overview
  • Rules & Regulations Contract
  • Auto-Debit Authorization Form

Step 3) Email your completed Team Member Packet to ASHLEY@TopGunCheerAndDance.com


 Coach Ashley will provide you with details of your evaluation appointment once registration is complete and your forms have been received.